From day 1 Hallie was humble, knowledgeable and encouraging. My fitness goal was to get back into a routine ( I had recently moved and had a child) AND work on strength. After all when my body is strong my mind is strong. Hallie listened to those goals and aligned our time together to meet them. She was never pushy (ie, ‘salesy’ with her sessions) and always respectful of my hard limits (ie, no running :)). I’m healthier, stronger and happier than I’ve ever been and Hallie was an instrumental part in getting me there. In short: She’s A+ and is your partner on whatever journey you happen to be on.
— Beth T.

Hallie’s group classes are always both fun AND challenging. After attending her classes regularly, I can appreciate that she brings both consistency and newness to the workouts she develops each and every time - I always leave feeling like I’ve had an excellent full-body workout! She also does a great job of meeting clients where they are at their individual levels of fitness even in a larger group setting, so that everyone can leave feeling both exhausted and awesome!
— Sarah C.

From the get-go, she encouraged me to set a variety of short and long term goals and designed my training program based on what I wanted to achieve. She structured each session with a combination of strength, cardiovascular, flexibility and resistance exercises. Hallie used her knowledge and expertise to make sure I was safe, using proper lifting techniques, and made sure I was getting the most out of each workout. I always appreciated when she’d call out when I hit a new high or completed one of my goals so I’d recognize my progress. She was just as committed to my personal development as I was investing. Hallie also educated me on nutrition, proper hydration and made dietary recommendations. She kept me accountable by routinely tracking my food and drink intake. Hallie was more than my trainer, she took interest in getting to know me personally and we later became friends outside of the gym. After every training session, I’d leave in a better mood than when I started.
— Patty B.

Hallie is an amazing trainer! Every class of Hallie’s is challenging and unique. No two classes are the same which keeps things interesting and tough. Hallie has done an excellent job of pushing and encouraging bodies to new limits. Every time I think I have nothing left to give, Hallie pushes just a little more leaving me completely exhausted but invigorated. I have been fortunate to do individual training with Hallie. She listened to what my goals were and maximized each session to meet my goals and achieve new ones. Hallie demonstrates so much thought in her planning of classes and designing work with individuals. She is truly committed to her clients. She is quick to assess if someone is struggling or needs to modify a move and will offer and encourage an alternative. My husband and I both attend Hallie’s classes and agree, if you are going to miss a class it better not be Hallie’s! She is simply the best!
— Joyce T.

One of my first classes was taught by Hallie Tobias, and since then, I have continued to take her classes multiple times a week. She is well-spoken and knows how to command a room. She explains in full detail the workout she is leading the class through, and makes sure to stop and ask if there are any questions before moving on. The workouts themselves are clearly well thought through and her programming for each class is both challenging and unique. She is great about providing modifications if needed, and always provides good critique when I ask for it. I never get bored during her classes, as I think that would actually be impossible, and I leave every class feeling extremely sweaty, tired, and happy!
— Kristina E.